Dream Store Media’s team has been delivering world class broadcast, brand and corporate production in broadcasted Augmented reality, 3D real time graphics and Virtual set productions for over 20 years. 

Often we say that Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video is an extension of our award winning production capabilities.  We are better positioned that most to understand the complexities of creating realistic experiences and we have the demonstrated experience. 


We build powerful Augmented / Virtual reality and 360 videos for name brands, the motion picture and live event / music industry. We transfer ordinary training or customer engagement into powerful experiences. 


Our experiences are built on customized platforms that look real, feel real and are real to the imagination. We capture and engage in new possibilities for training, branding, empathy, trade show and entertainment in truly immersive experiences. 


We deliver a carefully crafted custom product for your audience. Our highly experienced team is matched to the needs of your project, audience and story and delivers with excellence across many industries. Pair this with our excellence in customer service, consultative approach through the lifecycle of development and receive the best quality and possible product delivered through a stress-free well organized experience, every time.  



As a group we believe analytics are the key to success and identifying success in any product we deliver. Our analytics platform is agnostic and will work across AR, VR and Video to improve engagement and viewer retention. We are able to track bordem, generate heat maps to demonstrate where users look, measure key visual elements, measure behavior, strengths, weakness and identify your strongest or weakest users for re-engagement. 


Is a dynamic augmented and mixed reality experience which does not use handheld devices, television or head wear.  APT floats content in the middle of a stage or space that can be pre-recorded video, animation, or live video in a space up to 150 degrees from center.  We premiered this technology with XPrize's Founder Peter Diamandis, MD to rave reviews. Dr. Diamandis was the keynote speech in front of 1200 guests at the Arch Grants 2017 Gala in St. Louis, MO. Look at how we took 118 feet of back screen projection, lights and brought Dr. Diamandis to life on stage through the APT platform. 






















Recent testing of a UHD 6.5 full scale heart in APT. 













What are the Differences between AR, VR and 360 VR Video? 


Many wonder what are the best solutions for my business? What are the uses of Virtual / Augmented Reality or 360 Video?  All of these platforms are immersive, each have their unique traits and can be used to enhance skills or create revenue enhancing experiences. 


These experiences deepen the connection between the physical world and can increase productivity, deepen your brand relationship with customers (internal or external), or attract new clients to your service or product. 





A virtual reality experience can be a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a headset with a screen inside with hand controls or gloves fitted with sensors. Uses: Skill or Empathy Training, Trade Show Product Demonstration, Product Experience or Product Customization. 




  • Repair training on a complex or valuable piece of equipment where you need someone to train prior to touching the real device. 

  • Product customization, such as changing colors on, Room layout such as decorating or furnishing a room, construction layout prior to ground breaking. 

  • Object visuals such as looking inside a human organ at a newly implanted medical device, surgical procedure or disease state. 

  • Human to human interaction such as a simulation where you interact with specific scenarios. 

  • Immersive brand experiences



Not unlike our extensive and award winning experience in broadcast augmented reality and 3D real time graphics augmented reality for a phone, iPad, Hololens or other hand held device is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.



  • Training for overlay of steps of repair or mechanics of a device. 

  • Insertion of a interviewee into your pass as you watch your favorite star sitting in front of you explaining their career. 

  • Redecoration of your home, seeing where furniture fits or how new paint looks. 

  • Directions to a specific product on a store shelf. 

  • In environment advertising, having an ad, billboard or magazine come to life. 



This is the most accessible of the VR experiences as 360 video can be placed in custom apps or played directly through YouTube. 360-degree VR (360-degree virtual reality) is a 360 degree recorded audiovisual experience that surrounds the user, allowing them to look around them in all directions, just as they can in real life. This can be transportive and immerse someone in real life experience. 



  • Empathy experiences such as supporting charity work and visualizing the work one does in areas or populations in desperate need of help. 

  • Tours of a physical place of a home, building, product, vacation spot or manufacturing facility.

  • Training such as product demonstrations or situational learning. 

  • Entertainment such as a film short, concert experience or other fan engagement. 

  • Immersive brand experiences 



These technologies deliver the Wow Factor and generate buzz they captivate attention and elevate your brands affinity and presence. 

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