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From Hollywood to the Midwest, Indiana Media Company Launches – New Augmented Reality Technology - Brand Aware Environments™


INDIANAPOLIS – DATE – Dream Store Media, a leader in video production incorporating 3D real-time graphics, broadcast augmented reality and virtual set design as seen in sports and election coverage, announced today that it is launching a new corporate version of its acclaimed and one of a kind Brand Aware Environments™. This transformative technology is not usually available outside the film and television broadcast industry. Dream Store Media is the first company to introduce this technology to the corporate sector at an affordable level.


"Our strategy for branding is based on the idea of edutainment, a phrase and practice coined by the inimitable Walt Disney," said Brett Gordeau, CEO of Dream Store Media "Our goal is to work the magic of broadcast quality HD or UHD, augmented reality, real-time 3D graphics, and animations to mesmerize viewers and elucidate the brand's message in a matter of seconds. We disrupt the status quo of typical visual and digital storytelling."


The Brand Aware Environments™ enable clients to create a deeply engaging video presentation that showcases captivating, distinct video elements as a way to drive audience retention and brand education. "This offering goes beyond branding; it illuminates a continuous marketing presence that forges deep connections with the client's brand, corporate messaging or training through a unique visual presence that keeps the audience focused on the communication goals," stated Jeffrey Hillier, Ph.D., CLO, Dream Store Media.


Brand Aware Enviornments™ work to create perceptions of value creating an authentic vision, built on a solid, robust and unique position that creates leverageable marketplace equity that is relevant, and resonates with the client's audience who matter the most. Dream Store Media’s technology reduces significantly marketing, training and communication department expenditures.

"It is a story-scaped experience for growth-oriented leaders who desire to surround their message with a visual field that conveys the brand's persona," said Ronen Lasry, Creative Director. “The overall effect is to take contextual marketing to a higher level for the purpose of pitching or demonstrating a product, making a conference more spectacular, or engaging in corporate communications with shareholders - the possibilities are only constrained by the imagination.”


This technology has captivated audiences when watching films and live sports creating a compelling and differentiated visual experience immersing the viewer with a relevant, focused physical and visual connection. Millions of sports fans enjoy on-field analytics, dynamics of play and all of the visual immersion in every single game they watch. Now Dream Store Media brings it to the corporate sector for sales events, branding, commercials and training. Anywhere where content needs to be memorable, connecting and resonating with the audience


"For years, Hollywood has utilized this technology in films such as Avatar, Star Wars or the current Marvel Films where they create virtual worlds. This technology was omnipresent throughout my industry and in my direct experience while working on blockbuster films with Paramount Pictures. Now it is here for corporation to use," said Katherine Segal, Senior Producer.


"Through Dream Store's proprietary trackless camera technology we can create colorful worlds that differentiate a brand through our highly valued and robust technology. We can create these environments either on location at a corporate office, a large corporate event or conference, on a street or in our full virtual studio. Imagine, we can take a conference, or a shareholder meeting placing the analytical data in 3D right next to the CEO without having to cut away from that most influential moment to flat full-screen video. Then, broadcast live this high quality video from halfway around the country or world to viewers. We can do that,” said Chris Mapes, Chief Technologist and Engineer.  


Brett Gordeau concluded, "We’ve been producing this content as leaders in broadcast, corporate, pharmaceutical and government sectors in studios and on location globally, and our product is unrivaled. Sure, there are a few companies even locally that have tried to recreate, even frame by frame what we have executed. It falls flat, why? It is about how we create the visual field, the digital story that won’t go out with a tiny puff of smoke or in an immersive experience that doesn’t sell. Why? It is about the ability to fuse creative, complex content and edutainment into one platform that creates an experience that speaks for itself.”


Dream Store Media, a common brand between Simumetrix, LLC and Full Mental Jacket Design, known for their collaborative work and multi-award winning work in virtual set design, real-time graphics, medical education, brand strategy and content authoring, editorial, sound design, color, and finish.  Their facilities and personnel can produce real-time graphics, virtual sets and augmented GFX, 2D/3D animation and motion graphics worldwide. Office and production office locations include Indianapolis, Indiana, Central Florida, Burbank, California, Honolulu, Hawaii and Cairo, Egypt. Dream Store's creative team has spent 25+ years working for major Hollywood studios, broadcast television networks, adult learning / corporate training and medical publishing.


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