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Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Device 


Simumetrix creates an intellectual and entertainment driven adventure. Through the use of  HD video, augmented reality, simulations and virtual productions, We create a rich, brand, internal communication and educational experience. Customized programs incorporate compelling, entertaining, and highly relevant content  to meet the needs of your company or clients. It is proven by our awards for innovative education, design (Promax) and production  (National Emmy's - Bill Nye). 


Our staff is comprised of medical doctors, pharmacologists (PhD level), learning experts, marketing experts and clinicians who cover multitudes of clinical areas within medical device and pharmaceuticals. Our expertise in delivering highly complex learning and brand awareness is demonstrated in the examples below.










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*Production crews all other global locations. Production is production managed and directed from USA.






*Specific specialiies: Alzheimer's,
Dementia, & Movement Disorders














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