Welcome to Dream Store Media, we are excited to announce Augmented Presence Technology™  (APT™) and Augmented Presence in Real Time™ (APiR™).  These products were designed from our award-winning experience in developing and delivering real-time broadcast Augmented / Mixed Reality that we have produced for major corporations, museums, broadcast network award and television shows and brand spots. 

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Mixed and augmented reality has never been more exciting! Our technology and services offer glassless, headgear and device free experiences for audiences. Whether an engine and its components free floating in 3D on stage or taking someone standing in a studio in NYC and having them APiR™ in India for a real-time two-way discussion; we have solutions. From the largest to the smallest of setups, you can build entire airplanes, cityscapes, cars or a 10-foot tall 3D heart.  What you dream we build.



Applications include: 



Engaging experiences where objects magically appear and float in 3D, next to a live presenter. From life-size engines to anatomy or data objects are life-like and share the stage wowing your audience, increasing the audience attention and information retention. 



This is Augmented Presence Technology. 



  • Engineering Visualization 

  • Medical Device Visualization 

  • Anatomy or MOA Visualization

  • Brand or Product Promotion @ sales events 

  • Data and content Visualization 

  • Simulation Training Environments 



Imagine face-to-face, real-time engagement with a lifelike representation of an expert, speaker, or thought leader standing hundreds of miles away. We merge the real and augmented worlds to produce an environment where physical and digital objects co-exist in real-time without the use of handheld devices or cumbersome headgear


  • Bring high-level speakers or experts on to a stage from anywhere in the world 

  • Broadcast your CEO or high level official to multiple locations live in real-time 

  • Utilize mixed reality objects with a live speaker. 


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Peter Diamandis of Xprize in APT™