The US Air Force tasked FMJ/Simumetrix (Dream Store) with building a 3 hour learning course directed at internal and external customers. This training focused on the SBIR, STTR and Tech Transfer grant programs offered under the SBIR program. This program was shot entirely on location and our Brand Aware Enviornment was created in post vs. live in the studio. Due to location constraints we had to build a workable solution for the client. 


Using location interviews, B-Roll, and our Brand Aware Enviornment™ we developed a specfic set branded to the SBIR, STTR and Tech Transfer modules. The set is branded to the AFRL and the brands identity  from colors, tagline  to specific visual elements enchancing the storyscape.  


We would love to share the video of the program with you (which is painlessly crafted with amazing b-roll, exciting cinematography and 3D animation), however due to agreements (naitonal security and all) we can not share any visual elements related to AFRL facilities, personnel or activities. It is for their eyes only. However, we can share these design clips with you.